Solid Rock Carpenters is a group of volunteers, now more than 3,000 participants strong, who come together to help provide shelter for people in need.

Young and old, male and female, novice and skilled, first timers and experienced have all participated in construction and rebuilding projects in the Gulf Coast region since Katrina, Chicagoland and Joplin, MO. 

2013 was certainly another productive year for SRC. Our travels took us to Joplin, MO both in March and November.  There we assisted in restoration and new building efforts from the devistating tornados in that area.   
Over the holidays we returned to help our friends in New Orleans and we had a group of 40 travel internationally to build two new homes for needy families in San Raimundo, Guatemala!!   

Last year was a very exciting year indeed.  155 SRC volunteers worked together to bring our mission of - Building Homes and Bringing Hope - to life. 

2014 volunteer opportunities took us to Johnson City, TN  November 3-7 to work with Apallachia Service Projects (ASP).  While in the Tri Cities - SRC was able to assist two families in getting thier homes built as a result of horrible fires.  This December, we plan to return and work on the insides of these homes.   

SRC - SERVICE TRIP - Appalachia
Dec 28-Jan 2 , Johnson City , Tennessee 
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INTERNATIONAL TRIPS -  San Ramuindo Guatemala is partnering with Casas Por Cristo

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Solid Rock Carpenters would have difficulty meeting is mission of assisting in the provision of affordable housing  if it  weren't for our generous donors.   SRC continues to be humbled by the numbers of generous volunteers and their committment to Building Homes and Bringing hope to people in need!

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