Solid Rock Carpenters is a group of volunteers, now more than 3,000 participants strong, who come together to help provide shelter for people in need. 

Young and old, male and female, novice and skilled, first timers and experienced have all participated in construction and rebuilding projects in the Gulf Coast region since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

2014 was certainly another productive year for SRC. We traveled far and wide to assist in both building and restoring homes - locally in Chicago, in Mousouri, Colorado, Tennessee and Guatemala.  The year was very exciting indeed.  135 SRC volunteers worked together to bring our mission of - Building Homes and Bringing Hope - to life.

We began the year assisting in projects for LYDIA Homes in Chicago, roofed a barn Colorado, and assisted Habitat for Humanity in Dupage County during the summer months.  SRC ventured to Appalachia in November - building two new homes with Appalachian Service Projects.  We returned to Appallachia the week after Christmas completing one of the homes we began in November and also had rehab work - providing "Warmer, Safer and Drier" conditions for those struggling in the area.   The Holiday week also took a group of 32 to San Raimundo, Guatemala -  SRC worked with Casas por Cristo building homes for two special families in the area. A remarkable experience for all!  

As 2014 comes to a close, SRC continues to be encouraged by the enthusiasum of our volunteers and we look forward to opportunites of working with you all again soon.

Future service trips and local volunteer oppportunities will be posted as they become available....

Thank you for your continued suppport!!

Solid Rock Carpenters


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Solid Rock Carpenters would have difficulty meeting is mission of assisting in the provision of affordable housing  if it  weren't for our generous donors.   SRC continues to be humbled by the numbers of generous volunteers and their committment to Building Homes and Bringing hope to people in need!

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